Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2016-17 Washington Youth Soccer Founders Cup tournament for the age group.
Boys U10 Div A 13 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Seattle United West B07 Blue Seattle 104162552   Ronald Witherup
 A2 NSC Fuerza B07 White Woodinville 210180754   MichaelDuplicate VorsburghDuplicate
 A3 Seattle United SH B07 Blue Seattle 104162444   Colin Wilkins
 A4 Vashon Arsenal Dragons Vashon n/a   John Thomas
 A5 IFC B07-Finegood Issaquah 201182096   Brad Finegood
 B1 NSC Galaxy B07 White Woodinville 210180751   Simon Hough
 B2 STU Evolution B07 White Tacoma 303131053   Jose Trujillo
 B3 Seattle United West B07 White Seattle 104162554   Andrew Westmark
 B4 Seattle United NE B07 Blue Seattle 104162642   Ken Sloan
 C1 Bellevue United FC Guadagnino B07 - BU10 Bellevue 201101091   Homero Guadagnino
 C2 STU Evolution B07 Black Tacoma 303131042   Stacy Beasley
 C3 Seattle United South B07 Blue Seattle 104162768   Erik Dodd
 C4 Seattle United West B07 Black Seattle 104162556   Clark Murray